The safety and efficacy of ozone disc injection therapy – A follow up

The safety and efficacy of ozone disc injection therapy – A follow up

After I posted about the original Moto research on the safety and efficacy of ozone disc injection therapy last week.  Several patients have asked me where they can locate other trustworthy and reputable medical research publications on ozone injection therapy in general.   I have compiled the following research for you, these are a few most significant studies on ozone injections therapy including my last post Dr. Moto’s research.


  1. In 2008, Muto (Muto et al: Radiol med (2008) 113:695-706) reported the treatment of 2,900 patients with oxygen-ozone injection procedures for painful disc conditions. It was noted that 75 to 80 percent of patients with a single disc herniation, and 70 percent of patients with multiple disc herniations, had significant improvement in their symptoms after the procedure. None of the patients developed neurologic or infectious complications.
  2. In 2009, Dr. Kieran Murphy, who is an interventional radiologist at University of Toronto, addressed the Society of Interventional Radiology in San Diego. Dr. Murphy reported data from 12 studies encompassing more than 8,000 patients with painful disc conditions. 79.7 percent of ozone injected patients improved in at least 1 category of a modified pain and functional scale. The recovery time was significantly shorter than surgical discectomy. The complication rate was extremity low. The complication risk was calculated as 0.003 percent. There were no serious complications reported. The patient ages ranged from 13 to 94 years of age. In recent years, studied were published to further the ground breaking work of Dr. Muto and Dr. Murphy.
  3. Five and Ten Year Follow-up on Intradiscal Ozone Injection for Disc Herniation, International Journal of Spine Surgery Click to Read
  4. Ozone and Placebo in the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis, American College of Rheumatology, September 2015 Click to Read
  5. Comparison Between Intra Articular Ozone and Placebo in the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis: A Multicentric, Comparative, Randomized and Double-Blinded Clinical Trial, Presentation at American College of Rheumatology, September 29, 2015 Click to Read
  6. SIR: Ozone Shots As Effective As Surgery For Back Pain, March, 2009
  7. Low Back Pain and Sciatica: Treatment with Intradiscal-Intraforaminal O2-O3Injection. Our Experience. M. Muto, July 2008
  8. CT-guided Oxygen-Ozone Treatment for First Degree Spondylolisthesis and Spondylolysis, M. Bonetti, 2005
  9. The Medical Society for the Use of Ozone in Prevention and Therapy
Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning everyone. Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish you and your family a warm, healthy, joyful and safe Thanksgiving!

Everyone here at our practice sincerely thanks each and every of our patients for your support and continued trust.  We also thank you for introducing us to your families and friends.


Enjoy Thanksgiving without Stress Overload

Enjoy Thanksgiving without Stress Overload

Thanksgiving is coming next week. For most people, Thanksgiving can be stressful. It’s all the more important to practice stress reduction techniques. We encourage you to try a few time tested techniques to help reduce stress:

  1. Take a smart approach to your Thanksgiving feast. Thanksgiving is more about tradition than invention. Use the recipes that worked in the past and spend more time with your family and friends catching up.
  2. When feeling stress coming up high, ask for help preparing the big meal. Most people would be happy to participate.
  3. If you feel overwhelmed, retreat to a quiet spot for 5-10 minutes. Listen to relaxing music you enjoy and practice controlled breathing. You can do this sitting, standing, lying or while practicing yoga. Research demonstrate just a few minutes of controlled breathing can lower blood pressure and heart rate.
  4. Play with your pets for a few minutes. Playing with pet has been proven again and again to help alleviate stress and put people in a good mood.
  5. Take young kids outside to play sports for a few minutes can break up that task mode.
  6. At dinner table, avoid talking politics, religion or any sensitive topic to steer clear of heated discussions or potential argument.
  7. If you are flying, get to the airport earlier than usual. This may sounds too common sense. A lot of people tell us they had to rush to the gate because the security lines are longer than they expected.

At this Thanksgiving, let us give thanks to what we have and what we share, and, find true joy in each other’s company!
We hope you will have an enjoyable and relaxed Thanksgiving weekend!