Oxygen ozone injections therapy has so many health benefits in addition to treating pain conditions. Throughout the world, many people seek treatments with ozone for a variety of medical conditions and for general health benefits. I’ll just list a few of them here.

Ozone boosts the immune system. It kills pathogens in the body such as unwanted bacteria, fungi, parasites, and spirochetes. It improves oxygen delivery to the tissues by increasing blood flow and increasing red blood cell membrane flexibility.

It also ramps up the body’s ability to deal with oxidative stress. This an extremely important point because oxidative stress is something that every life form on the planet is exposed to and it could be extremely destructive. Ozone will increase the body’s natural ability (and natural is a very important point) to cope with these stresses.

We can look at the issue of free radicals as an example. To treat free radicals, a lot of physicians or health care providers will recommend antioxidants, which are very good and effective. I personally take them, for example, Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q, and alpha lipoic acid. However, antioxidants are basically a one-on-one reaction. They do their job and then they are done and they don’t self-regulate. Whereas the enzymes that we have in our body, the natural enzymes, they are like little factories that could deal with thousands of free radicals per second and deactivate them.

This is an oversimplification of a very complicated reaction. there are two sides to an oxidative and a reduction reaction. It is called a redox reaction and it is oxidation and reduction in the same reaction. Both are equally important. Enzymes will perform both of these reactions. The other thing to note is that enzymes are self-regulating. So, once they do their job,  they will stop the reaction. If we get rid of the free radicals that are threatening our body, the enzyme is not going to keep working if it is not necessary. It will stop or slow down because they are a natural part of the body, and have feedback loops just like anything in the body and they will self-regulate. Those are very important points. Ozone treatments will stimulate these important enzymes to upgrade.