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Stem Cells

There is a lot of debate in the scientific community over the use of the term stem cells. Many scientists feel that phrases such as fat stromal cells or bone marrow cells should be used instead of stem cells. The term stem cells, however, has been embedded into the modern medical and patient vocabulary and is widely used. In order to avoid confusion, this website will make every effort to use the term stem cells for educational purposes only. Since many regenerative medicine treatments work by activating our own body’s stem cells, we will often refer to these procedures as stem cell activating procedures. By doing so, however, we are not making the claim that the procedures are stem cell procedures.

The regenerative treatments that we provide work with our own body’s natural ability to heal. We do not make any claims or representations that any of these treatments are a cure for a condition, illness or any type of disease.  Although regenerative medicine stem cell activating types of treatments have been safely performed by thousands of physicians around the world for many years, these treatments are not approved by FDA and are considered alternative and experimental.



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