One of the most Valuable Tools in Regenerative Medicine 


Packed with Molecules To Signal Cells to Regenerate

Exosomes are tiny membrane enclosed packets that are excreted by cells. These little cellular excretion capsules are packed with molecules that are extremely important to cells such as messenger RNA, micro-RNA and proteins. They are part of the way that the cells of our body communicate with each other. Exosomes contain valuable information that help cells thrive and divide to form new cells. They are extremely important for regeneration and can accomplish most of the restorative benefits of stem cells. However, since they are not living cells, they cannot sense the micro-environment of an injured area of the body and cannot donate mitochondria to other living cells. These functions are unique to stem cells. However, exosomes can induce other cells, including stem cells, to perform many vital restorative functions. Exosomes also have immuno-regulatory and anti-fibrotic effects. They also have been shown to promote the formation of new capillaries and therefore have the ability to increase muscle tissue that has been lost through aging.



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