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Medical oxygen ozone injection treatment changed my life! I left the wheelchair behind and am able to exercise because of this miraculous treatment!

Medical oxygen ozone injection treatment changed my life!  I left the wheelchair behind and am able to exercise because of this miraculous treatment!

My story is about how medical ozone injection treatment enabled me to leave my wheelchair behind and live a normal life again.   Not only I don’t need the wheelchair, but also, I can exercise!  This is a huge step forward for.  The oxygen ozone treatment truly changed my life!

I was bed bound for 8 months due to a severe head trauma.  After that, I was in a wheelchair with debilitating tendinitis in both feet which resulted in numbness and tinkling in both my ankles and lower legs.  I was not able to walk.

I wanted to be out of the wheelchair and I wanted my life back.  I researched online and found Dr. Bleiweiss.  I went to see Dr. Bleiweiss and subsequently received an oxygen ozone treatment which made my wheelchair unnecessary in a short period of time.  I’m now able to exercise regularly to gain back muscle mass.  I have a normal life!

Without Dr. Bleiweiss’ medical ozone injection treatment, I would have still been in that wheelchair.  I want to share this experience with others because I want others to know they have help available and they don’t have to live with such debilitating numbness.  Ozone injection therapy will help!

Jonathan C.
October 17, 2018

Going for ozone injection therapy instead of a major back surgery is the best decision I ever made. I want to tell everyone they don’t need to live with back pain!

After almost 15 years of severe back pain caused by a car accident, I never thought I would ever be pain free. Every year it seemed I would re-injure my back and every time it would get worse. The pain not only became debilitating, but I sometimes couldn’t even walk. I would get lumbar epidurals and the pain would go away only for a short time before it would return.

I was considering a major back surgery but decided to give ozone injection therapy a try first. It literally was the best thing that I have ever done. It took about 3 weeks to fully feel the effect of the injection, but it worked!! My pain was so much less after the first treatment. I went for a second injection treatment which completely eliminated my back pain.

I have been pain free for a year and half. During that time I also became pregnant and did not have any back pain the whole pregnancy! Having a baby was something I was petrified of ONLY because I was afraid I would be put on bed rest due to horrible and debilitating back pain and I wouldn’t be able to do anything for it! Not only did that not happen, but I am still pain free even after a difficult labor!

I cannot thank Dr. Bleiweiss enough and recommend him to anyone who is living with back pain or contemplating surgery. There are so many risks with surgery, including it not working and even leaving you in more pain afterwards!

Oxygen ozone injection therapy is something that anyone in pain should consider first before any surgery! Dr. Bleiweiss is simply amazing!

Christina O., July 2018
Savannah, GA

Dr. Bleiweiss performed an ozone treatment for the herniated discs in my back. I was 100% pain free in 6 months after that procedure.

I am a 52 year old who played many years of full contact sports such as ice hockey and football which resulted in three herniated discs in my back and one in my neck.  For many years, I had debilitating back pain which interfered with my ability to exercise and perform any of the activities that I truly enjoyed.  I am not a candidate for surgery nor would I really want to try it.  I tried several minimally invasive pain management procedures.  The results were dismal.  Upon the recommendation from my best friend who is also pain management doctor, I went to Dr. Bleiweiss for ozone injection therapy.

Dr. Bleiweiss performed only one treatment with ozone for my herniated discs.  Three months after the procedure, the pain was 95% gone and I was able to start to work out at the gym at a light pace.  Six months after the procedure, I am pain free and have made great strides at the gym.  I feel stronger than I have in the last 10 years and continue to get stronger.  I walk between 5 and 10 miles a day without any back pain.  However, I am still very careful with my back and make sure I make smart choices so as not to do anything to hurt it again.

Thank you very much, Dr. Bleiweiss and the staff, for a very successful procedure!

Andrew G., New York City, Fall, 2017

Dr. Bleiweiss’ ozone injection therapy cured my disc herniations.

A car accident left me with severe injuries of the back, neck, shoulders and knees.  The biggest problem was my back.  I thought my active life was over and I felt very down.  I was only in my 30s!  My back pain was so debilitating that walking was the only activity left that I could manage.  I gained 70 lbs as a result.  After much consideration between surgery and alternative treatments, I wanted to try ozone disc injection therapy and decided Dr. Bleiweiss is my best choice after research.

Dr. Bleiweiss performed an ozone disc injection procedure on me.  Within 6 months, I was able to run a half marathon and lost all the 70 lbs I gained from inactivity.  I ran 3 more in a year and half.    Five years later, I continue to live an active life and still don’t need to repeat the procedure.  I can carry on all of my favorite activities.  The recent photo of me hiking in the West is a testimonial of this treatment’s sustained outcome.  I am so happy that I went to Dr. Bleiweiss for ozone!

I had only one treatment and 5 Years later, I still don’t need a second.   The photo of me hiking in the West is a testimonial of this treatment’s sustained outcome.

I know I made the right choice and I never have to look back.  I would recommend Dr. Bleiweiss to anyone.

James R., Amateur Athlete, New Jersey

November 20, 2017

Dr. Bleiweiss’ ozone injection therapy saved me from 2 knee replacement surgeries.

Dr. Bleiweiss’ Ozone treatment saved me from 2 knee replacement surgeries.  The most amazing thing about it is that I only had one office injection treatment!  It was a few years ago and I still have not needed a second treatment.   To me, it’s a miracle!  Anyone with knee pain, or any joint pain, should go to Dr. Bleiweiss.

The office injection treatment brought me such immediate relief that I am able to live a normal, productive and active life again!  When I had my check up one month later, I was doing squats to show Dr. Bleiweiss how well I became.  I still remember his big smile while watching me doing squats in his examination room.  Several years later, I still can do squats!  It was unthinkable for me to do any type of leg exercise before ozone.  I had severe knee pain for many years with a lot of difficulty to walk, stand or sit for long periods of time.  Squatting those days was totally out of the question.   Medication and a walking cane were my companions.

Three arthroscopic knee surgeries brought only minor relief.  I was told I needed knee replacement surgery for both knees.  Before committing to surgery, I decided to try ozone.  Ozone did the job!  The dramatic relief was almost immediate.  I am so happy that I made the decision to get ozone treatment! I received a treatment in Dr. Bleiweiss’ office and drove home right after, no hospital stay, no anesthesia, and no sick days at home.

In addition to treating my knee pain, Dr. Bleiweiss has treated me for back pain and neck pain.  As a medical professional, I come across doctors often.  Dr. Bleiweiss is truly one of the most competent and highly skilled doctors that I have ever met.  My respect for him as a physician and as a person is immense.  He is a very compassionate and caring individual who truly cares about his patients getting well.

Dr. Bleiweiss is an expert in ozone injection therapy in the country.  I have heard that people fly in from other parts of the world on a regular basis to see Dr. Bleiweiss, and I know why.  I would recommend him to anyone who has a back or knee problem, and as a matter of fact, I have been.

Dr. Michael M.
New Jersey

Dr. Bleiweiss restored my shoulder and my quality of life with ozone injection therapy when 2 surgeries and many other pain procedures couldn’t!

November 12, 2017

As a nurse in a surgery center where Dr. Bleiweiss performs his ozone injection procedures, I observed first hand many miraculous recoveries of a multitude of patients who had injuries that were not relieved by any traditional pain management procedures and surgeries.

After a rare nerve injury in my shoulder, I experienced a sustained dysfunction to my entire shoulder girdle which prohibited me from carrying out activities of a daily life.  I suffered for years after having two failed surgeries, many treatments from pain management specialists, physical therapy, and various other modalities. I had given up all hope of ever finding any sort of relief.

Dr. Bleiweiss restored my shoulder and my quality of life with ozone injection therapy. To my amazement, while the ozone was being injected, I could feel the muscle spasms cease and pain recede.  Ozone injection therapy gave me the relief that I thought was unattainable.

I continue to see Dr. Bleiweiss for my neck and shoulder and would trust my injuries to no other! He is kind and compassionate and truly cares about the outcome of his patients.

Jonon D.
Nurse, NJ

Ozone injection therapy is a miracle for my back and my neck!

November 17, 2017

In 2001 I had a severe injury and broke two vertebrae in my low back. I had to have surgery on my spine. The following year, I required 2 additional surgeries. I was left with debilitating pain of my low back and pain running down my right leg. I tried multiple treatments which did not provide any significant long-term improvement in my symptoms.

I was referred to Dr. Bleiweiss initially by my primary medical doctor.  Dr. Bleiweiss initially treated me with conventional pain management treatments such as epidurals steroid injections and trigger point injections which helped me to function. Then, in 2011, Dr. Bleiweiss explained to me the ozone injections and that his patients had been experiencing relief with the injections.

After doing my research, I decided to try the injections. It was like a miracle.  A few moments after the injections, I felt the pain dissipate. I can now manage the small amount of pain that I still have with no impact on my life.  I truly have my life back and am very grateful to Dr. Bleiweiss.

Approximately 4 years ago, during a routine visit, I mentioned to Dr. Bleiweiss that I had been noticing increasing neck pain, numbness of my fingers and shoulder pain. Dr. Bleiweiss felt confident that ozone injections could help. Again, I had almost instantaneously relief.

I am very grateful to Dr. Bleiweiss for giving me my life back.  Having the ozone injections was the best decision that I made.  Dr. Bleiweiss is also a great doctor and a kind and caring person.  I would recommend him to anybody.

Virginia, New Jersey

With no surgery, Dr. Bleiweiss repaired my partially torn rotator cuff and eliminated my painful rheumatoid arthritis using a combination of ozone therapy and neural therapy!

November 20, 2017

I appreciate the extraordinary care that Dr. Bleiweiss has provided me. He is not only an exceptionally well-trained physician, but also a very kind, thoughtful and gentle human being.

Dr. Bleiweiss treated me for 2 problems, a bad shoulder and pain from chronic singles


With no surgery, Dr. Bleiweiss repaired my partially torn rotator cuff and eliminated my painful rheumatoid arthritis using a combination of ozone therapy and neural therapy!  I feel as though I received a brand new shoulder with an unlimited full range of motion!!


Again with a combination of ozone and neural therapy, Dr.  Bleiweiss has dramatically reduced the level of severe pain [post herpetic neuralgia pain] that I had previously suffered from chronic shingles!

I am very lucky and thankful to be Dr. Bleiweiss patient.

Ann L.  New Jersey

Dr. Bleiweiss’s exceptional diagnostic skills saved me from a spine surgery 2 years ago.

Nov 29, 2017

I was a car accident victim which resulted in sever back pain and pain shooting down my leg. I had many treatments from chiropractic to minimally invasive pain management injection procedures.  None worked and I got worse. Eventually had to walk with a cane. I was referred to a spine surgeon who concluded that I needed a spine surgery to fix my problems.

My son had a successful ozone disc treatment by Dr. Bleiweiss and he is still doing well after 5 years. He trusts Dr. Bleiweiss and highly recommended that I see Dr. Bleiweiss first before I went for surgery. I made an appointment for ozone injections for my back as an alternative.

Instead of going with the surgeon’s diagnosis and performing a disc procedure on me, Dr. Bleiweiss took the time to thoroughly examine me and listen to the description of my pain with his calm demeanor. He told me that his diagnosis was different from my spine surgeon. He concluded that it was my hip, not my back, that was the main cause of my debilitating back and leg pain. He explained everything to me and sent me for an MRI to confirm it.

After the MRI confirmation, he did a diagnostic hip injection procedure to confirm that surgery would resolve my problem. He then pointed me to the right surgeon for hip replacement surgery to resolve my pain. Today, I’m doing very well!

Dr. Bleiweiss’ exceptional diagnostic skills saved me from a spine surgery 2 years ago. It’s unthinkable that I could have gone through a spine surgery for nothing had I not been to see Dr. Bleiweiss! I’m so glad I went to see Dr. Bleiweiss.

Susanna B.

If you suffer from chronic pain or conditions that take away your quality of life, I could not suggest a better person than Dr. Bleiweiss.

November 16, 2017

Dr. Bleiweiss’ skills, kindness and keen diagnostic competency literally saved me at a time when there seemed to be no answers.  On the pain scale of 0-10, my pain was a 15 when I went to him.  After a few treatments, because my body had been in such a state of tremors and pain, I remember breaking down in tears.  It was the first time after many years of living with whole body spasm’s and tremors that I felt relief.

I had many procedures before, including trigger points injections as well as dry needle therapy to no avail.  But, when Dr. Bleiweiss gave me the trigger point injections it was completely different.  His skills are remarkable, and beyond that of any other trigger point physician I had ever been to.

Dr. Bleiweiss has the hands of a true healer and a heart of gold.  Though I had many issues, Dr. Bleiweiss never balked about treating them, even, when other doctors no longer wanted to see me because my case was so complicated.  He was not afraid of dealing with my complicated debilitating symptoms and was so kind, as well as confident.

I couldn’t work for a long time because my functionality was a near zero.  I felt like I was trapped inside a body that just didn’t work, and neither could I.  After being so active throughout my entire life, my spirit was also suffering.

That was over 10 years ago.

Though I still have some conditions, but after 11 surgeries in 4 years, I know when I see Dr. Bleiweiss, relief is always in sight.   Dr. Bleiweiss enables me to function while living with chronic pain.

If you suffer from chronic pain or conditions that take away your quality of life, I could not suggest a better person than Dr. Bleiweiss.  He is simply brilliant, a master in the art of pain management, and one of the most genuine people I have ever met. I am so blessed to have found him.

Janet H., Actress, New Jersey

I am a chiropractor and runner who suffered from debilitating shin splints. Dr. Bleiweiss cured me with Ozone

New Jersey is a whole lot closer to Maryland than Germany to get treatment for my sports injuries…Ozone cured my knee.

I just got back from snorkeling the bay on this post card and just wanted to say thank you again.

Dr. Bleiweiss,

I just got back from snorkeling the bay on this post card and just wanted to say thank you again. Without you I would not have been able to come to Hawaii and have this adventure. The ozone procedure changed my life and I can’t thank you enough.

~~James R.

Thank you so much for taking care of my husband.

Dear Dr. Bleiweiss,

Thank you so much for taking care of my husband.  He is walking better and doing the exercises he does in physical therapy.  You are so calm to talk to us when I was afraid of what was happening.  You are a terrific doctor and I know that the good Lord will bless your work.


Rosemary D.

Your ladies are always so gracious when I call.

Medical ozone disc injections cured my 4-year long severe low back pain.

March 5, 2017

Medical ozone disc injections cured my 4-year long severe low back pain. To this day, 3 years since that magical experience, I still feel overwhelmed whenever I think of it. My lower back pain was a long term problem, from chiropractors to pain doctors, I had regular adjustments and treatments just to keep my limited functions. I travel internationally for work- The worst was on those long flights. Once I sat down on the plane, I couldn’t easily get up. Once we landed. I would be the last one to get off because of severe pain, I was only in my mid-thirties! My girlfriend had multiple knee injuries over the years and had very good experiences when Dr. Bleiweiss treated her so I made an appointment, Dr. Bleiweiss examined me thoroughly and said he believes I would be a good candidate for ozone disc treatment.

I went ahead with it. To my greatest surprise, that very next day I was able to get up from my desk without bracing myself and spending minutes waiting for pain to reduce in order to move! This was something I wasn’t able to do for a long time, I was thrilled! It’s been 3 years and my back is still normal. Those days are gone – I would recommend Dr. Bleiweiss to anyone in need!

Linda W, New York City

I am an anesthesiologist, I referred almost my whole family to Dr. Bleiweiss because I know firsthand his patients get well

I’m an army officer in Pennsylvania with years of back pain after a failed surgery until I had ozone….

I was practically bed ridden for 5 and half months with severe back pain. I am pain free because of Dr. Bleiweiss.

Unlike other physicians, Dr. Bleiweiss has an unwavering conviction of getting to the cause of pain. He would not recommend a procedure that he would not to a family member…

Thank you for being a very special Doctor. It's hard to find a Doctor that really cares for his patients.

Thank  you for being a very special Doctor.  It’s hard to find a Doctor that really cares for his patients.  You have been my Doctor almost 9 years and you always help me when I’m in a lot of pain, even just talking to me. That means a lot and you do all you can to help me and I appreciate it very much.  Thank you so much (you are The Best).

Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year to you and your family!!

From Carleen

My appreciation to you for what you have done for me, the care of thoughtfulness, your professionalism,


Dear Dr. Bleiweiss,

My appreciation for what you have done for me, the care, the thoughtfulness, your professionalism, who you are, puts patients at so at ease and into surgery without fear. I am truly blessed to have you care and services and I am grateful.  My family joins me in gratitude for your kind considerations.

Must tell you that after a year plus of coughing and discomfort, I am free of that annoyance.  What did you do? I’m wondering what magic did you find the problem.  I am cured at any rate.

Best Wishes at this most Holy Season to you and yours, my prayer God showers you with his choicest blessings.


Mary M.

I'm so glad I made that decision. After two treatments during a 10 month period, I am a new person. My pain continued to improve over time. I feel so lucky to have my life back.

May 27, 2016

I had been suffering from low pain for years. I eventually had surgery with good results. The pain eventually came back and the surgeon told me having a second surgery in my case would have a lower level of success. At the time, I was 46 years old and didn’t want to live the rest of my life with increasing pain. I desperately researched on the internet for a non-surgical solution and found Dr. Bleiweiss’ web site. Ozone intrigued me, I called his office. Since I live in Canada and can’t just pop in for a quick consult, Dr. Bleiweiss agreed to do a preliminary review of my films and records, which I sent to his office. Dr. Bleiweiss called afterwards. He was optimistic that an ozone disc injection might help reduce my pain significantly. My hopes were up. I flew in for the treatment. I’m so glad I made that decision. After two treatments during a 10 month period, I am a new person. My pain continued to improve over time. I feel so lucky to have my life back. I feel confident that if the pain reappears, I can have my back fixed again.

Jonathan L., Montreal, Canada



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