Many people consider medical oxygen ozone injection therapy to be a miracle treatment for pain because oxygen-ozone injection therapy often works when multiple other treatments have not helped. The vast majority of our patients come to us after they’ve tried multiple other treatments and their chronic pain issues that just are not getting better.

For example, in a recent podcast interview, I mentioned several patients whose stories are on my website.  There are patient stories about not only the ozone injections removed their severe back pain due to injury or disc herniation and enable them to go back to their beloved sports.  There are other stories about this treatment enabled them to avoid surgery of the knees, shoulders and spine.  I encourage you to visit our site to read these remarkable stories from our patients.  I discussed some of these stories in the previous podcast interview so I won’t go into details here.  Their stories can be found here:

The bottom line is that ozone not only works, but the benefits last for a long time. It works because it restores the normal cell function, removes inflammation and it promotes continued healing.

Happy reading!