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About Warren J. Bleiweiss, MD



Alternative Disc Therapy


Warren Bleiweiss, MD, provides innovative regenerative medicine treatments at Alternative Disc Therapy in Caldwell, New Jersey. He is a national leader in the use of ozone injection treatments for herniated discs, joint and muscle pain, and injuries.

Dr. Bleiweiss pioneered the outpatient oxygen-ozone disc injection therapy in the United States and remains a leading expert in North America in treating disc herniations with ozone injections without surgery or medication.  Dr. Bleiweiss routinely performs this safe and effective ozone disc procedure to provide patients with positive outcomes that are long lasting.

A distinguished physician, Dr. Bleiwess has triple medical board certifications from the American Acamedy of Stem Cell Physicians, American Board of Anesthesiology and American Board of Pain Medicine.

Dr. Bleiweiss has long believed in the body’s innate ability to heal naturally. Given this, he emphasizes face-to-face diagnosis and long-lasting minimally invasive alternative methods to heal patients without surgery or medications. He addresses the root cause of each patient’s conditions with regenerative treatments for recovery and regeneration.

After graduating from New York University School of Medicine (NYU), Dr. Bleiweiss completed an internship in internal medicine at NYU Medical Center, a residency in  the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and fellowships at both the University of Virginia Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine-Montefiore Medical Center.

As a part of his practice, Dr. Bleiweiss remains actively involved in research in regenerative medicine and stays up to date with current medical literature. He is a member of several medical organizations, including the American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians, the Spine Intervention Society, and the Medical Society of New Jersey.



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