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A Success Story Worth Sharing

The nor’easter pounded 24” of snow in North Jersey and we had to close the office for the day and catch up with office work at home. I returned a new patient’s call in the morning who is interested in getting ozone injection therapy to treat her chronic back pain. She was asking me if we had good success examples from patients who suffer similar pain. “Oh, yes, many…”. Just as I was thinking of which patient I could tell her about first, I had an incoming call. What a coincidence; this patient is one of the people I was thinking about! I went ahead and shared her story, without her name of course due to HIPAA compliance.

This patient had severe low back pain which limited her from enjoying simple things like gardening and bicycle riding. She did not want to consider surgery as an option and started researching alternative treatments for back pain. She heard about ozone disc injections and started her research on ozone injections. After reading how successful ozone treatments can be, she decided to make an appointment with Dr. Bleiweiss.

Dr. Bleiweiss examined her thoroughly and reviewed her history before he recommended ozone disc injection treatment. She had one treatment with ozone disc injections by Dr. Bleiweiss in a surgery center and after 2 weeks she was reporting significant improvement in her pain. She continued to improve and was feeling much more mobile after 1 month. She started doing things she was unable to do before the treatment. She continues to do well today and is very happy that she decided to have the ozone disc treatment instead of surgery. She is enjoying her life and her activities without being held back by the severe back pain.

In our practice, success stories like hers are among so many. Sometimes, we forget just how remarkable it is because we experience such successes on a regular basis. It takes a patient asking for us to be reminded that we are fortunate to able to help people and see them getting their life back and be happy. I think it’s a good story that is worth sharing.

Happy snow day!

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