Coronavirus: How Regenerative Medicine Helps in the Age of Coronavirus

The COVID-19, otherwise known as the Coronavirus, is now officially a pandemic. It is causing significant disruptions to our lives. The CDC has already made recommendations on a number of common-sense precautions that we as individuals can practice in the age of coronavirus such as washing hands, social distancing, and wearing a mask if you think you were exposed to the virus.  

Individuals with a weak immune system are more susceptible to contracting the Coronavirus and developing serious health issues as compared to healthy people. Unfortunately, many people expect the worst is yet to come. Still, many others believe the warming weather of spring will help contain the viral spread? In the end, only time will tell.

Boosting Your Immune System to Defend Against Coronavirus 

One simple act to take at home is to take high dosages of Vitamin C and vitamin D3 because these two vitamins enhance the immune system.   The stronger your immune system, the less likely you will be affected. Vitamin C through an IV infusion greatly enhances the bioavailability of vitamin C.  The oral vitamin C absorption rate is an average of 18% while IV delivered vitamin C is 100% bioavailable. However, IV vitamin C infusion is only performed at a medical office. 

At home, we should all increase sun exposure, get enough sleep, practice earthing outside with bare feet and engage in moderate exercise regularly which are all helpful measures to take to help strengthen your immune system.  Eating a healthy diet is very important as science proves that a healthy gut strengthens the immune system. A diet without processed food and sugar is far superior to a diet including such food in keeping your gut healthy. Your gut bacteria play an important role in controlling your immune functions, so taking care of your gut is crucial.  Eating a diet rich in vegetables, fiber, good fats, and quality protein will enable our gut bacteria to keep our immune system running efficiently.  

Another medical tool is to use senolytic agents to kill off senescent cells, also called zombie cells.  These are cells that should have died but did not and they burden the body by secreting certain “bad” growth factors and inflammatory cytokines which affect the immune system negatively.  How do we go about clearing out these cells? There are senolytic agents on the market that are over the counter. We can recommend effective supplements to help remove them.  

Regenerative Medicine Therapies to Defend Against Coronavirus

Services we provide at our office to help strengthen the immune system include:

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The Coronavirus is here – but there’s plenty you can do to fortify your health and protect against it. If you have a compromised immune system, utilizing these infusion treatments are a good weapon to fight the virus through strengthening your immune system.  Contact us today to begin your path to greater health and defense against the virus. 


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