Pain Relief After Just One Oxygen Ozone Injection Treatment

There have been numerous examples of how a single treatment with oxygen ozone injection therapy dramatically reduced my patients’ pain and significantly improved their quality of life, even those who were suffering from debilitating pain.  My patients often use the word “miracle” to describe their recovery.  It’s no surprise that medical oxygen ozone can accomplish this.  Oxygen-ozone promotes healing and helps to reverse the pathology.

Spine surgery can remove a herniated portion of a disc, but then the disc is permanently disrupted. Medications reduce the stimuli from painful pathology, but the medication is not curing the problem. It is just reducing the stimuli. And though certain deep tissue massage can help improve muscle pathology, various superficial massage techniques may make you feel better, but they’re just reducing the painful stimuli.

Ozone also helps restore the normal state of the tissue in our body and helps to restore homeostasis. Without homeostasis, an organism cannot survive. An organism has to be able to have a level of homeostasis. For example, if we weren’t able to control the sodium concentration in our blood, we would rapidly die. Oxygen-ozone helps the cells restore homeostasis when the scales are tipped in a certain direction that is not beneficial to the cells. Oxygen-ozone also helps prevent future injury, by helping the body cope with oxidative stress. That’s an extremely important point, which I’ve discussed extensively in other interviews, which I encourage people to listen to. It is a very fascinating topic. The ability to cope with oxidative stress is a very, very beneficial effect of ozone.


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