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Oxygen Ozone Injections

Yes. Data indicates that Ozone therapy works on a variety of patients with such conditions. There is no surgical incision or hospital admission. The procedure involves guiding a small needle into the painful herniated disc(s) and injecting a small quantity of a known concentration of a pure oxygen/ozone mixture. Ozone injections do not mechanically disrupt the disc by removing a piece of it or subjecting it to destructive energy such as laser or heat.

For ozone muscle injections, most patients say that they are less uncomfortable than trigger point injections. Dr. Bleiweiss also knows this from his own experience having received ozone muscle and joint injections and trigger point injections personally. For ozone disc injections, intravenous sedation is usually administered, therefore there is no significant discomfort during the procedure. Intravenous sedation is not absolutely necessary for an ozone disc injection procedure since it can also be performed under local anesthetic if requested. However, most patients request intravenous sedation. Our patients have not reported significant ozone disc injection discomfort.

Multiple studies have shown that the risk ozone injection procedures is extremely low. For example, a study by Dr. Kieran Murphy at the University of Toronto calculated that the risk of ozone disc injections was near zero.

Ozone injections reduce disc volume, decrease inflammation, increase blood flow to the treated site, and as a result, it activates the body’s natural healing mechanism to improve or cure a variety of painful conditions. The vast amount of clinical data indicates that oxygen ozone disc injections work in the majority of patients and are safe.

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