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In this day and age, it’s even more important to keep your immune system strong. Your immune system is your ONLY true defense again viral invasions and infections in general. Warren Bleiweiss, MD, at Alternative Disc Therapy provides immune-optimizing infusions to boost your immune system to fight potential infectious invaders more effectively. These infusions include antioxidants, ozone, vitamins, minerals, supplements, and regenerative agents. Find out more about the benefits of immune optimizing infusions by calling our practice in Caldwell, New Jersey, or scheduling a consultation online.

Immune Optimizing Infusions Q & A

What are immune-optimizing infusions?

Immune-optimizing infusions are super-charged injections to keep your immune system strong and vibrant. The injections are uniquely different from infusions provided at medical spas. They are administered by our triple medical board certified physician Dr. Bleiweiss at Alternative Disc Therapy via an IV drip:

   •  Vitamins
   •  Glutathione
   •  Alpha lipoic acid
   •  VSELs
   •  Minerals
   •  Supplements
   •  Oxygen ozone 
   •  NAD+

A couple of noted highlights at Alternative Disc Therapy include oxygen ozone infusions which improve your immune system and is an anti-aging treatment. Oxygen ozone infusions transmit signals to your body to promote the growth of healthy cells and cleanse away damaged cells. Alternative Disc Therapy is also one of the few clinics in North America that provides VSEL infusions, which is a powerful natural regenerative treatment.

What are the benefits of immune-optimizing infusions?

   •  Virus concerns
   •  Frequent infections
   •  Cancer concerns
   •  Low energy
   •  Frequent colds and flues
   •  Brain fog
   •  Memory problems
   •  Post-surgical recovery.

Whether you are healthy and want to optimize your immune system, or you are already sick, immune optimizing infusions can be beneficial.

How do I know which immune-optimizing infusion is right for me?

When you meet with Dr. Bleiweiss, he will take time to evaluate you and discuss your specific health needs and how to address them. He believes each patient must be treated as a unique individual who has a unique set of needs. There are no “cookie cutter” treatments at Alternative Disc Therapy. His recommendation for infusion treatments will be specifically tailored to you. This is what distinguishes Alternative Disc Therapy.

What is IV Ozone Infusion Treatment?

The IV Ozone Infusion (Major Ozone Immunotherapy) involves mixing a certain amount of your own blood with an equal amount of oxygen ozone and reinfusing the combination into your bloodstream. This treatment has been performed by physicians all over the world for decades and has been shown to be safe and effective. Since it has a powerful immune system boosting effect, it is often referred to as major ozone immunotherapy.

The ability of ozone to help the human body to fight infections has been known for over a hundred years. In fact, it was used in WWI to treat infections. The more that we research ozone, the more we discover the vast amount of beneficial effects that ozone treatments provide.

Here are some of the beneficial effects of oxygen ozone treatments:

   •  Ozone stimulates the immune system
   •  Ozone kills viruses, bacteria and other pathogens
   •  Ozone improves circulation
   •  Ozone improves oxygen delivery to the tissues
   •  Ozone helps our body cope with oxidative stress
   •  Ozone activates the powerful regenerative effects of the cells of our body
   •  Ozone is a powerful mitochondrial stimulant and mitochondria are the key to cellular health

What is a VSEL immune-optimizing infusion?

Very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs) are tiny cells that can transform into multiple cell types when needed. These cells possess powerful regenerative properties when properly activated and administered. Alternative Disc Therapy is one of a small number of clinics that offers infusions with your own VSELs for these potential benefits:

   •  Boost the immune system
   •  Improve autoimmune diseases
   •  Reduce systemic inflammation
   •  Boost memory, focus, and mental sharpness
   •  Increase bone density
   •  Minimize osteoporosis

The VSELs infusions promote a healthy immune system at the cellular level. They are one of the only treatments that have been shown to increase the telomere length of DNA of immune cells.

What are other immune-optimizing infusions?

Your options at Alternative Disc Therapy include, but aren’t limited to:

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD)

NAD, a critical coenzyme which triggers metabolic processes, such as the conversion of food into energy and DNA repair. NAD is essential for the health of mitochondria and cells in general. NAD improves the health of the cells of the immune system. NAD infusions also offer the potential to ward off age-related damage and improve brain functioning.

Vitamins and supplements

Infusions of vitamins and supplements help to replenish your body’s reservoir of vital compounds to promote multiple health benefits. For example, vitamin C infusions can boost immunity, increase collagen production, and combat excessive fatigue and intense stress. When combined with the mineral magnesium, they

Glutathione (GHS)

Glutathione(GHS), an extremely important antioxidant, is also a master detoxifier that removes toxins from the liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, and much more.

Glutathione (GSH) plays a role in many cellular processes, including cell growth, division and renewal. GHS deficiency has been implicated in the progression of many diseases including cancer.

Common symptoms of depleted glutathione levels include:

   •  Low Immunity
   •  Muscle cramps
   •  Joint pain
   •  Insomnia or trouble sleeping
   •  General irritability
   •  Brain Fog
   •  Anxiety
   •  Persistent low energy
   •  Rashes or itchy skin
   •  Frequent headaches

To explore the health advantages of immune-optimizing infusions, call Alternative Disc Therapy or book a consultation online with Dr. Bleiweiss.


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