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Some people stay active into their 90s, enjoying everything from running to gymnastics. But there are also people in their 60s who can’t walk without a cane. Your spinal health makes the difference. Warren J. Bleiweiss, MD, at Alternative Disc Therapy in Caldwell, New Jersey, has devoted years to researching spine problems and developing treatment protocols that prevent disc problems and restore damaged discs. To learn more about nonsurgical total spine health treatments, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Total Spine Health Treatments Q & A

What disc problems improve with total spine health treatments?

Dr. Bleiweiss specializes in using alternative therapies to effectively treat two common disc problems:

Herniated discs

Your discs consist of a gel-like substance enclosed in a strong outer cover. When the cover weakens or becomes damaged, the inner gel pushes through.

As the gel bulges out, it compresses the nearby nerves. If the outer cover tears, the gel spills out, causing irritated and inflamed nerves. Either way, you experience pain and limited movement.

Degenerative disc disease

Over the years, your spinal discs dehydrate and thin out. As the disc collapses, it can’t continue to cushion the vertebrae or absorb shock. As a result, you end up with pinched nerves, spinal instability, and pain.

Does total spine health include preventive care?

Preventive therapies form an integral part of your total spine health care. Most people don’t realize that herniated discs first occur in active adults 20-40 years old. Additionally, your risk of developing disc degeneration increases as you get older. Dr. Bleiweiss offers preventive therapies that promote healthy discs and slow down or prevent degeneration.

What total spine health treatments might I receive?

Every patient’s experience is unique, which is why cookie-cutter protocols seldom help and can even cause harm. Dr. Bleiweiss practices personalized precision medicine, performing a comprehensive evaluation, and then creating an individualized treatment plan that meets your needs.

Dr. Bleiweiss treats herniated discs and degenerative disc disease with safe, minimally invasive procedures that don’t require general anesthesia or downtime. Examples of the treatments he recommends to prevent and treat spinal pain include:

Ozone disc injections

Dr. Bleiweiss pioneered ozone disc injections in North America more than a decade ago and still routinely performs them to treat herniated discs and prevent future damage. Ozone is one of the safest and most effective options for herniated discs, producing reliably positive results that alleviate your pain and restore function.

When ozone is injected into the disc, it reduces inflammation, increases blood flow, and helps mobilize your body’s regenerative stem cells. Ozone injections also protect your discs from future damage by fighting oxidative stress.

Stem Cells injections

Stem cells naturally regenerate your spinal discs by self-replicating and producing cells that develop into collagen, cartilage, and all of the other tissues needed to repair the disc. During your treatment, Dr. Bleiweiss injects a specific type of stem cells called a Muse cell. Muse cells differ from other stem cells in ways that make them exceptionally adapted to treat degenerative discs.

Total spine health

In addition to ozone and stem cell injections, Dr. Bleiweiss’ Alternative Disc Therapy protocols include numerous treatments that help you maintain optimal spine health throughout your life. For example, you can receive therapies that boost your immune system and improve cellular health, which in turn contributes to total spine health.

To learn more about total spine health treatments, call Alternative Disc Therapy or schedule an appointment online.