5 Reasons Ozone Injection Treatments May Be Right for You

Living with chronic pain can exact a heavy toll, both physically and mentally. Making matters worse, surgery is often put forth as the best option, which will temporarily make your discomfort worse and may not solve the problem. If you feel you’ve exhausted your nonsurgical treatment options, you may not have considered ozone injections.

At Alternative Disc Therapy, Dr. Warren J. Bleiweiss and our team specialize in solving musculoskeletal riddles using alternative therapies that help the body to heal from within. As part of our suite of pain-relieving services, we offer ozone injection treatments.

To introduce you to this therapy, here’s a look at 5 reasons why ozone treatments may be right for you.

1. Relieving oxidative stress

Whether you’re dealing with degenerative disc disease or joints that have succumbed to wear and tear, these conditions are often exacerbated by oxidative stress in your body. 

Oxidative stress is caused by an imbalance in the free radicals and antioxidants in your body. Under normal circumstances, your body relies on free radicals to fight off dangerous pathogens, but these aggressive molecules can also damage your tissues if they aren’t stabilized. Performing this critical function of keeping free radicals in check is another set of molecules called antioxidants.

When there aren’t enough antioxidants in your body to stabilize the free radicals, it can lead to some very serious issues, like inflammatory conditions, diabetes, and heart disease, to name just a few.

With our ozone injections treatments, we address oxidative stress by restoring balance.

2. A nonsurgical approach

As we’ve mentioned, ozone injection treatments are nonsurgical. While there are times when surgery is the best option, we believe that this should be a last resort given the potential risks, such as infection and collateral tissue damage.

As the name implies, ozone injection treatments rely on nothing more than needles to deliver the therapeutics, which means your life isn’t interrupted in significant ways.

3. Treating herniated discs in the neck and the back

Under Dr. Bleiweiss, our practice is at the forefront of using ozone injections to treat herniated discs which cause acute and chronic pain of the neck and back. Often these conditions cause shooting pain down legs. The treatment works by reducing the herniated portion of your disc and relieving the pressure on your nerve. While that’s the primary goal when it comes to herniated discs, the treatments also reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and promote healing for longer-term results. Dr. Bleiweiss pioneered this procedure in North America a decade ago. Patients come from all over to receive ozone treatments when they do not want to go through major surgery. The outcome is as successful as surgery without any of the downside associated with surgery.

4. Beyond a herniated disc

Based on this success of using ozone injections to address lumbar disc herniations, we now use ozone injections to treat a wide range of issues, including:

If you’re struggling with musculoskeletal pain, ozone injections may help.

5. A great preventive tool

In addition to addressing problems like herniated discs, ozone injections can also help prevent these types of issues by boosting the levels of therapeutic oxygen in your body. By giving your body the resources it needs, it can do what it does best — heal from within.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of ozone injection treatments, please contact our office in Caldwell, New Jersey.

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