Boost Your Immune System to Protect Yourself from Viral Infections

From the moment you leave the safety of your mother’s womb, your body works quickly to strengthen its immunity against all of the potentially harmful pathogens that are looking for a human host. With each cold, flu, or infection you had as a child, your immune system adapts and strengthens. Yet, for each viral infection it fights off, there’s always a new one waiting around the corner, which is why you should ensure that your immune system has the resources it needs to put up a good fight.

At Alternative Disc Therapy, Dr. Warren Bleiweiss and our team believe that any steps you take toward prevention are steps well worth taking. And this is especially true when it comes to helping your immune system fight off viral infections.

Here’s a look at what your immune system is and how we can give it the resources it needs through our immune-optimizing infusions.

Understanding your immune system

We often hear about how important our immune system is — and, make no mistake, we wouldn’t survive long without it — but what is this system exactly?

Your immune system isn’t a singular entity, but a wide network of cells, organs, proteins, and tissues located throughout your body. At the heart of your immune system are your white blood cells, which patrol your body for harmful invaders. When they encounter a perceived enemy, they immediately multiply and send signals to your cells that they’re under attack, and then it’s all hands on deck.

The world is full of agents that shouldn’t be in your body, including:

A virus is of particular concern because it requires living cells to help it multiply and grow. When a virus enters your body, it attaches to your cells, essentially taking your cells hostage. Your immune system does all it can to make your cells unwelcome hosts, but some viruses are stronger than others and take hold.

Boosting your immune system

To give your immune system the resources it needs to fight off viral infections, our goal is to target and strengthen your cells with:

Though there are many ways to boost these resources, we find the best method is through intravenous (IV) infusions, which deliver the resources directly into your bloodstream. This is important because when you take vitamins or supplements orally, they need to pass through your digestive system where they’re broken down, leaving only a fraction of the original content for your body to absorb.

When it comes to finding the right immune-optimizing infusion for your needs, we review your health to figure out where your body can use reinforcement. From there, we customize your infusion to your immune system’s needs, which may include:

If you’d like to protect yourself against viral infections and improve your overall health, please contact our office in Caldwell, New Jersey, to set up your IV infusion treatment.

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