Find Relief from Chronic Muscle Pain with Oxygen Ozone Injection Therapy

Patients who visit Our practice are usually suffering from a chronic or an acute pain condition that has been treated by other practitioners or by other methods that have either not worked or have worked but the pain comes back.

I have over 30 years of experience treating these difficult pain conditions and have utilized many conventional treatment protocols with many different techniques.    However, I am convinced now after many years of practice that the medical ozone injection treatment is vastly superior to any of the other treatment protocols. Since incorporating ozone injection therapy into our practice, we see amazing long-lasting results in patients who have not improved with other treatments.

Today, I want to focus on muscle pain conditions such as muscle spams, muscle strains and fibromyalgia.  In order to properly determine whether a patient is a candidate for a medical ozone injection procedure, I will properly palpate the muscles and specifically the trigger zone in the muscle. The trigger zone is the key to any effective muscle treatment. There is a very distinct subtle quality to the trigger zone and it is different in every muscle in terms of how active it is and where it is in the muscle.  Sometimes, the trigger zone might be in a part of the muscle that is not even painful.

In my experience,  medical oxygen ozone injection therapy has all of the qualities that are essential to a successful treatment.   What are the criteria of a good  treatment in general?  It should be safe. It should be proven through scientific research to be effective. It should achieve long-lasting results. It should induce a healing effect. It should not change the anatomy. It should be repeatable with no adverse effects. It should help prevent further injury and it should not require ongoing treatments. Oxygen ozone injection therapy satisfies all these criteria which makes it the most effective and beneficial injection treatment protocol in my opinion.

Oxygen ozone injection therapy is not only a effective treatment for all kinds of muscles pain conditions, the ozone injections also help the body cope with oxidative stress which is very important to any healing process and an important aspect of restoring muscle function in general. It actually helps the muscle to function better as well as helps the muscle to heal and it helps prevent further injury of the muscle. That is extremely important.  People tend to think of a muscle problem as a very isolated issue in the body.  However, a chronic muscle problem, pain, tension or spasm all affects the whole body system in a negative way.

First of all, the trigger zones are abnormal zones that affect the autonomic nervous system in the area. That’s not a good thing regionally. But in addition, people with chronic muscle problems or a really bad acute problem, for example a stiff neck if you slept the wrong way and your neck is stiff, affects your whole existence. You just don’t feel well. You don’t sleep well. You don’t function well. It’s not a healthy state to be in. For example, fibromyalgia is a very chronic and significant muscle condition. Patients with fibromyalgia feel really bad in general. Not just because they’re in pain but they are generally not healthy, often with a host of other problems. It’s really important to treat these muscle pain conditions and avoid future health problems. Once you get the muscle conditions under control, it’s easier to treat a new problem in the muscle.  Otherwise, if you have a new injury on top of an old injury with many trigger zones that were ‘not effectively treated, you have a really bad problem.  It could still be treated with medical ozone injection therapy.  It just takes more time and more treatments that could have been avoided.  If all of those trigger zones were under control and then you have a muscle strain or you fall or you sleep the wrong way or you pull your back out, it’s very easy to treat it and the body responds extremely well.

Muscle pain may be relieved by just one oxygen ozone injection therapy treatment, the response to such a treatment also depends on the chronicity or the exact extent of the trigger zone. Sometimes it could be several treatments, but an ozone injection therapy is not an ongoing treatment protocol. We determine if additional treatment is necessary based on a follow-up visit and seeing how the patient does and examining the patient.  80% of our patients do not need more than 1 or 2 treatments.


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