Oxygen Ozone Treatments for Immune and Joint Health

The human body has the amazing capacity to continuously rebuild and repair itself on a cellular level and maintain optimal function. Unfortunately, these regenerative systems can often be overwhelmed or weakened by outside forces such as stress, poor nutrition and environmental toxins. Fortunately, oxygen ozone therapy can help to give your immune and cellular repair systems the vital boost that they need to overcome these destructive forces. 

At Alternative Disc Therapy, Dr. Warren Bleiweiss and our team have found great success in helping patients overcome a wide range of conditions using ozone injection treatments. From joint and muscle pain to immune disorders, oxygen ozone therapy can play a valuable role in maintaining your health.

Oxygen ozone therapy for joint pain

If you’re suffering from joint pain and or arthritis, oxygen ozone injections can provide you with much-needed relief. When we inject oxygen ozone into your damaged tissues, ozone works quickly to reduce inflammation which is one of the key first steps in helping improve the health of your joints. Ozone has also been shown to activate your own body's powerful healing cells. Oxygen ozone injection treatments are so effective that they not only address your immediate discomfort but also set your joints up for long term health by creating more resilient cells and better support systems. Without inflammation blocking their healing resources, your tissues can also reap further benefits of medical oxygen ozone, including increasing cell proliferation (increasing cell numbers), improving oxygen delivery, improving your capacity to deal with oxidative stress, and improving blood flow. 

Ozone and your immune system

Your immune system has the daunting job of defending your body against the innumerable pathogens that exist in our world, such as airborne viruses and virulent bacteria. To give this all-important defensive system a boost, we use our customized immune-optimizing therapies.  One of the most important immune-boosting treatments that we provide is oxygen ozone intravenous major immunotherapy. With this treatment, A small amount of blood is drawn and mixed with oxygen ozone which is basically supercharged oxygen (O3), then this mixture is safely reinfused back into your body. This treatment helps your immune system in many ways, including:

While these benefits are great for the immune system in general, oxygen ozone can play an even greater role if you have an immune disorder. 

Oxygen ozone can play an even more important role. In recent months, ozone therapy is being used to treat COVID-19 in Europe with amazing results. Dr. Mark Hyman, of Cleveland Clinic, interviewed Dr. Paolo Tordiglione of Italian who has been seeing amazing results treating seriously ill COVID-19 patients with ozone therapy. This is amazing because these hospitalized patients did not respond to multiple antibiotics until they were treated with ozone. Dr. Tordiglione has been researching ozone therapy for over 20 years. Click on any of the 2 links below for this interview podcast which is well worth a listen:

If you’d like to learn more about how oxygen ozone can improve your joint and immune health, contact our office in Caldwell, New Jersey, to set up a consultation.

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