Ozone Disc Injections For Herniated Discs

Ozone disc injections are so successful in treating disc herniations due to their unique ability to shrink the herniated portion of the disc and thus take the pressure off of the inflamed and irritated spinal nerve, without reducing the height of the disc.

Ozone injection procedures also have many other beneficial effects for the long-term health of the disc, such as increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage of the end plates of the bones above and below the disc, reducing inflammation and increasing NAD levels, which is essential for cellular health. It can also induce cells to enter the division phase of the cell cycle through its effect on the redox potential. This can potentially help the torn annulus that is always present when there is a herniation. It can induce the cells to repair the annulus.

All of these positive effects and its outstanding safety make ozone disc injections the best treatment option for herniated discs in my opinion.


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