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Podcast Interview:

 RC: Hello, everyone. This is Liz Harvey, coming to you from our studios in New York City, where we are dedicated to bringing you top quality advice from many of the leading expert professionals across the U.S.

In today’s episode, we are speaking with Dr. Warren J. Bleiweiss, a leader in the United States in the emerging medical field of oxygen ozone injection therapy, for the treatment of herniated discs, joint and muscle pain, and injuries. Dr. Bleiweiss pioneered oxygen ozone disc injection therapy in the U.S. He is a graduate of New York University School of Medicine and is board certified in both Anesthesiology and Pain Management. His long list of accomplishments includes leadership experience as a hospital anesthesiology department director, the inventor of a patented medical device, and the founder of one of the first multi-disciplinary pain management centers in New Jersey. He has been successfully treating patients for over 30 years.

Dr. Bleiweiss specializes in minimally invasive alternative treatments that heal patients without surgery or potentially harmful medications. His treatment protocols are specifically designed to activate the body’s innate ability to recover and to regenerate. His practice has been producing excellent results by utilizing these alternative methods.

Today we are discussing some remarkable recovery experiences and why oxygen ozone injection therapy is often described by many as “a miracle treatment.” Most of Dr. Bleiweiss’ patients come to him as a last resort so when they experience remarkable improvement after just one treatment, they categorize oxygen ozone therapy as a miracle.

Hello Dr. Bleiweiss. How are you today?

Dr. Warren Bleiweiss: I’m great. Thank you. How are you?

RC: I’m doing great. Thank you so much for joining me.


Please share a success story about a patient with a debilitating disc herniation who you were able to help with oxygen ozone injection therapy.

Dr. Warren Bleiweiss: Sure. So, for the purpose of this discussion, I’m going to talk about a patient that is on the patient story section of my website. So, some of our patients are nice enough to let us know their story and put it on our website with their photograph. And I believe that it just makes it more real to actually see the photograph. So, if anyone wants to, they could go to the website and check it out.

So, we’re going to talk about James R. He had a disc herniation. He was involved in a motor vehicle accident. I believe at the time, he was less than 30 years old and he was a very, very active young man. He loved to play sports and do all kinds of hobbies like scuba dive, hike. And after this accident, he had debilitating pain and couldn’t do anything except walk. He was able to do walking, but no exercise. And he put on 70 pounds. And at the time I saw him for consult, he just looked very down in the dumps. And he had a very negative attitude, he really didn’t want to have surgery and he couldn’t do the stuff that he wanted.

I treated him with ozone disc injection and he did fabulous. When he came for his follow-up, he looked like a different person. He was smiling, he was happy, he let me know that, afterwards he contacted our office and said six months later, he was able to run a half marathon. I believe he ran several other half marathons that year and he lost 70 pounds. And that was more than five years ago. And we try to keep up with our patients and contact them, see how they’re doing. And he’s still doing great and he’s still doing all the activities that he loves. So that’s a very rewarding treatment.


Can you please provide an example of someone you helped to avoid knee replacement surgery by performing oxygen ozone injection therapy?

Dr. Warren Bleiweiss: Yes. So again, I’m going to go to the patient story section. And this one is Dr. Mike M. He’s actually someone I know for many years. He’s a colleague of mine. And he was a very active person, a sportsman and he also traveled a lot all over the world for humanitarian missions. Like for example to India. And he’s helped out a lot in various places where there were disasters. I hadn’t seen him for years. And he came in and he had gained a huge amount of weight. He looked terrible. And he told me he had severe arthritis of both knees. In his knee, he had bone on bone and he was awaiting a knee replacement on both sides.

And at the time, I hadn’t treated him at all with ozone for anything, but he was aware of it because patients of mine that he saw, that he ran into, or that he’d sent me. So, he asked me if I would inject his knees with ozone.

Now at the time, it was pretty early. I’ve been doing this for at least eight years. I’m not sure if it’s been nine, but at least eight years. And that was pretty early on, after I started doing the treatment. And I’d treated a lot of joints, but I hadn’t treated a joint with such severe arthritis as his. And I looked at the MRIs and the x-rays and I said, “You know, Mike, I’m not sure if this is going to help. This is really advanced.” He said, “Just please do it. There’s no downside, there’s no risk. If you would please just do it.” And I injected his knees once. And it was unbelievable. I was totally shocked.

Now, I’m not saying that every patient who has this is going to have the same result, but I have had other patients with severe issues like this who have had similar results. But he came back for follow up and he said he’s great. He’s doing all the stuff he wanted to do and subsequently I’ve treated him for other conditions. If he hurts his back, he comes to me for ozone. If he pulls a muscle, he comes to me for ozone. And that was several years ago, I forget how much, I don’t have his chart in front of me, but maybe four years or maybe even five. And he only had one treatment and he’s still doing great. He never had the total knee replacements and he’s doing all the stuff that he loves. So, it’s a great experience, for him and me.


Muscle spasms in the neck and back can be excruciating. So please share a success story about how oxygen ozone injection therapy helped someone eliminate their pain.

Dr. Warren Bleiweiss: Alright. For this one, I’m going to talk about my story. Because it’s important on multiple levels, because it really was a journey. And I’m going to try to make this as brief as possible, although it’s a little bit of a long story.

So, I was experiencing really annoying, I’m going to call it annoying, because it wasn’t debilitating, but just always there and always a kink in my neck. So always neck and upper back pain and tension and it just irritating all day long. And after learning about all of the stuff that I’ve studied over the years, I could date it back to several issues, which I’m not going to go into in detail. But I had a really bad whiplash injury during a car accident when I was 16, I had a couple of skiing accidents when I was 19 or 20. And also, when I was in college in medical school, I studied a lot, seven days a week, many, many hours a day. And the posture, in those days I wasn’t paying as much attention to my posture while I was studying. And that significantly contributed to it. And also, I had a tonsil adenoidectomy and after learning how the position you’re in during those procedures, you basically have your neck all the way extended backwards. And I had some bleeding, it was complicated and it was well over an hour procedure.

So anyway, without getting into too many details, I developed halfway through medical school this annoying neck and upper back pain. My muscles were always tense. And I had been doing some research on acupuncture at the time. I tried acupuncture with some of the best acupuncturists. I tried chiropractic, I tried everything. I tried massage, deep tissue massage, et cetera, et cetera. Nothing really helped. I mean, it helped temporarily, but it always came back.

And like I said, it wasn’t debilitating, but was annoying. And the reason why I’m bringing this up, one of the reasons, is that, that’s one of the main reasons that I went into pain management as a sub specialty and that I studied alternative treatments, because there really, in mainstream medicine, wasn’t an answer to my problem. And then I learned about ozone and I was interested at first in ozone because of disc injections. Because throughout my practice, throughout my 30 years, I’ve seen a lot of patients who have had disc issues and then they went on to surgery and still have problems. I’m not saying that surgery always causes problems, but the ones that do well aren’t going to come and see me. Right? So, I get a disproportionate amount of patients who didn’t do well.

And I really was wanting to help people to avoid the surgery. I went to a conference on ozone in Germany. There were a lot of people from all over the world. And I learned about the joint and the muscle treatments. So, I figured I will have someone there treat my neck. And they treated my neck and I did just absolutely fantastic. It was like a miracle. After all those years, I don’t have problems. And I started, in those days, I was doing a lot of myofascial trigger point injections and dry needling for patients with similar conditions such as mine. And it would get better, but they’d always come back. And I converted them to ozone injections. And almost every single one, again, there’s no 100% guarantee, but also every single one did very well.

So that’s my story on muscles.


Can you share an example of someone that you helped with oxygen ozone injection therapy after multiple previous surgeries failed?

Dr. Warren Bleiweiss: Yes. I’m going to go back to the patient stories. We’re going to talk about Jonon D. She’s a nurse that I worked with for years at the surgery center. And she’s seen many ozone treatments and many people that were helped.

Now she had a nerve injury of her right shoulder. A rare nerve injury. And she was really suffering. She had two failed surgeries. And she developed this complex neuropathic myofascial pain syndrome. And she was miserable. And nothing helped. You could see it in the way she moved, the way she even walked, the way she did things. She couldn’t really use her right arm very much. And it was really bad.

And she didn’t even think of asking me, and I didn’t even know that she had this particular injury, but she didn’t think of asking me because it’s not a usual type of injury that you would treat with ozone. And when she asked me to treat it, like I alluded to before, there’s really no downside to this treatment. It’s not a harmful steroid, it doesn’t change the anatomy, there’s really no risk to it. There’s no downside so I didn’t know if it was going to help her or not. I treated her with several treatments and injections around the nerve, we don’t inject into the nerve, and into the fascia surrounding the areas that were painful and the muscle trigger zones. And she did fabulous. She’s great. I believe the last treatment was a year ago. And she still is doing fabulous without significant pain.


Lastly, just for the record, what is the farthest distance someone has traveled to be treated by you with oxygen ozone injection therapy?

Dr. Warren Bleiweiss: Well, I don’t know if it’s the furthest, but it’s certainly the most exotic, because I have treated people from India and Australia and those places are pretty far. But I treated someone from the island of Yap in the south Pacific. And I never heard of the island of Yap before this particular patient came.

RC: Me neither.

Dr. Warren Bleiweiss: I learned after Googling it when my office manager told me I have someone coming from the island of Yap to see me, that they have the distinction of having the largest money in the world. They have these coins that, well they’re not coins. They’re huge stones that are passed down from generation to generation over hundreds of years. So, that would have to be my most exotic place that I’ve treated someone from.

RC: Well, thank you Dr. Bleiweiss. We know you’re busy, so I just want to thank you for all of your time and your help today.

Dr. Warren Bleiweiss: You’re welcome.

RC: And for our listeners across the country, if you are interested in speaking with the doctor, please visit www.alternativedisctherapy.com or call 973-403-3334 to schedule an appointment.

On behalf of our team, we want to thank you for listening. And we look forward to bringing you more top-quality content from our country’s leading experts.

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