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Regenerative Medicine Treatments for Hair Loss

There are many types of treatments for hair loss. Each individual has very specific needs because each has unique conditions. That’s why I always do an initial detailed consultation and tailor the treatment to each individual.
For example, somebody who is young and is losing hair is most likely going to require a different treatment than somebody who is older, for example, an older gentleman with male pattern hair loss.

There are a lot of criteria that I use to determine what treatment is appropriate for the individual. I always come up with a specific treatment protocol. This is where the knowledge, experience, and dedication of the doctor comes into play. I never use the one size fits all treatment; which is why I get great results whether it’s treating hair loss, joint arthritis or spinal disc conditions such as degeneration or disc herniations.
Some of the treatments that are used are medical ozone injections, which is a super charged form of oxygen. They have been very effective in treating hair loss, and are also healthy in general.

I also use cosmetic peptides, which are proteins and PRP. It’s very important to note that there are many different types of PRP. it’s important to know how to produce the proper type. Stem cells can also be used in some cases.
The decision to use one of these treatments over another is something that I determine after I perform a consultation with a patient and is based on their very specific needs.

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