Staying One Step Ahead of Aging With Our Upstream Anti-Aging Treatments

The hunt for the proverbial Fountain of Youth is millennia old, as humans try to stop the inevitable breakdown that comes with aging. Since no such fountain exists, much effort has gone into undoing the damage that comes with aging, whether it’s eliminating wrinkles or replacing worn-out joints. 

With upstream anti-aging treatments, our goal is to prevent or delay this breakdown as much as possible, allowing you to stay ahead of the aging curve.

At Alternative Disc Therapy, Dr. Warren Bleiweiss has devoted much of his career to the study of aging and how to best support the body and minimize damage as time goes by. What he’s found is that these efforts need to start on a cellular level, which gives you the right foundation for great health, inside and out.

Here’s a look at the many ways we can address aging by boosting cellular health through our upstream anti-aging treatments.

Anti-aging IV ozone infusions

With these IV infusions, our goal is to promote cellular renewal and to boost your immune system. As you get older, your cells don’t renew as easily, which means you’re left dealing with ever-weakening cells. As well, your immune system tends to lose its strength over the years, which makes sense given all it does to protect you over the course of your life.

The final result is that you have aging cells and limited powers to protect them, which leaves your body vulnerable. 

With our ozone therapy, which is a mixture of oxygen and ozone, our goals are to:

Since we administer the therapy directly into your bloodstream, it goes to work immediately.

Power of regenerative cells

Another upstream anti-aging therapy is our Very Small Embryonic-like (VSEL) cell infusion. By giving your body access to the same regenerative powers that humans enjoy during embryonic development, we create the ultimate environment for healing and renewal.

NAD+ therapy

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is found in all living cells, and it’s critical to all biological functions. Age and disease can rob your body of naturally occurring NAD, so our goal is to replenish your stores with our NAD+ infusions. Through our NAD+ therapy, our mission is to reduce oxidative cell damage and boost optimal cellular health.

IV infusions

In addition to the upstream anti-aging treatments we outline above, we also tailor IV infusions to meet your specific needs. For example, if we find that you’re not getting enough vitamin C or B12, we create an infusion that helps boost these levels. 

These IV infusions are designed for your unique circumstances and goals, and they’re a great way to ensure that your body has the tools necessary for optimal health.

If you’d like to explore how upstream anti-aging treatments can help you stay one step ahead of aging, contact our office in Caldwell, New Jersey, to set up an appointment.

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