The Benefits Of Oxygen Ozone Injection Therapy for the Treatment of Spinal Disc Herniations

If you have chronic back pain, you know that, in addition to the discomfort, it can be a major inconvenience to life and work. It can interfere with your mobility and reduce the amount of time that you spend being active and enjoying your daily life. And, if your job requires you to be physical, it could prevent you from being able to complete many of your work-related activities.

A common source of back pain is a spinal disc herniation. Spinal disc herniations cause pain because they have ruptured out of their normal space and are pressing on a spinal nerve. For some, the pain can be debilitating.

Imagine that the discs of your spine are like a sponge on your sink. When the sponge gets dry, brittle and thin, pieces of it start coming off and the sponge doesn’t work well. On the other hand, a sponge that is new and moist functions perfectly. This is a good way to think about the discs of the spine since they are mostly composed of fluid. The goal of regenerative medicine is to keep them healthy, moist and functioning well.

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