The Benefits of Oxygen Ozone Injections for Chronic Muscle Pain and Fibromyalgia

There are more than 650 named muscles in the human musculoskeletal system. Muscles and the fascia that encompass them (this is where the term myofascial comes from) are prevalent throughout your body, which can be made abundantly clear when they’re in distress. 

Muscle fibers can succumb to many different types of problems such as chronic tension, stress, poor posture, injuries, and fibromyalgia, but the end result is always the same pain, stiffness, and discomfort.

At Alternative Disc Therapy, Dr. Warren Bleiweiss is at the forefront of new treatment approaches for improving muscle health and eliminating pain. Through his over 34 years of studying and treating painful muscle problems, he has found that ozone injection treatment is by far the best treatment. 

Here’s a look at how this innovative approach to muscle health can help relieve your chronic pain.

Chronic muscle pain

While there are many issues that can cause muscle pain, the following are among the more common:

Let’s take a look at chronic stress and tension, which affect many of us these days as life becomes more challenging. In the face of stress, many of us carry the tension in our muscles, which is part of a biological fight-or-flight response. This tension can lead to trigger points, which are knots of very tight muscles that pull on the surrounding muscles, causing both local and radiating pain. When trigger points are not properly treated, they become entrenched and are very hard to eradicate with treatments such as deep tissue massage, stretching, and relaxation.This is often seen when people who are stressed out at work go on vacation or get a massage. Their muscle pain and tightness usually improves, but shortly after returning to the stressful situation, the pain and tension comes back to where it was. This is because the trigger points never went away, they just briefly calmed down. Once trigger points are entrenched, oxygen ozone injections are a safe and effective way to deactivate and heal them.

Injuries to muscles can result from sports injuries or accumulative microtraumas. In both cases, if the muscle pain lasts, it has to be treated properly to heal.

Overuse is another common problem in which you overtax a certain muscle group, which can lead to damage and inflammation, and in more chronic cases, muscle fiber strains and tears. 

Poor posture is also a common problem today. All you have to do to realize the extent of this problem is to look at the posture of someone who is using their mobile device, tablet, or laptop. Poor posture leads to a myriad of chronic painful muscle issues.

Another issue that leads to widespread muscle pain is fibromyalgia, which is an incredibly complex condition that can wreak havoc on the lives of those who have it.

Tackling muscle pain through oxygen ozone injections

Oxygen ozone injections, as the name indicates, contains a combination of oxygen(O2) and ozone (O3). Although oxygen is healthy in many ways, the ozone component is a powerful active ingredient.

Ozone has been safely and effectively used as a medical treatment since before the 1940s. We now have a vast amount of clinical research papers and patient treatment experiences proving the effectiveness of oxygen ozone in treating a wide range of medical conditions. 

These are just some of the many benefits that ozone treatments provide: 

What this means for muscles is that oxygen ozone reverses and heals long-standing muscle damage.

When it comes to treating muscle tension conventionally, trigger point injection is one of the more popular treatments. With this technique, your trigger points are injected with a mixture of medications, such as lidocaine (steroid should never be added, since it leads to long term muscle damage), in an attempt to release the tension. While this approach may provide some temporary relief, it doesn’t necessarily deliver long-term healing.

Unlike conventional trigger point injections, oxygen ozone injections can actually deactivate and heal trigger points, making oxygen ozone a far superior treatment alternative. Oxygen ozone injections work with your body to increase its ability to repair and heal itself. This treatment also prevents further problems and damage down the road.

Oxygen ozone treatment for fibromyalgia

Another area where we have great success with oxygen ozone injections is treating fibromyalgia. This condition is incredibly complex, and research is ongoing to determine the exact mechanism that creates the musculoskeletal pain and other associated conditions. Fortunately, oxygen ozone treatments can help with the chronic debilitating muscle symptoms that are associated with fibromyalgia.

A study that involved 65 patients with fibromyalgia who were treated with oxygen ozone found that there was a significant improvement of symptoms in 70% of patients, and none of the participants reported any meaningful side effects. 

At our clinic, we have been providing ozone injection treatments for muscle pain for more than a dozen years with routine success. Patients are very happy with their results. For people who are afraid of injections, we will soon make nitrous oxide “laughing gas” available for use during an ozone injection procedure.

If you want to explore whether oxygen ozone injections can bring you much needed relief from muscle pain, contact our office in Caldwell, New Jersey, to set up a consultation. We also offer virtual consultation to patients who prefer it.

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