The Many Health and Wellness Benefits of Oxygen Ozone Therapy

As we grow older, our systems begin to weaken and break down, leading to everything from degenerative disc disease to hair loss. With oxygen ozone therapy, we jumpstart biological processes on a cellular level to fight back against aging and promote better overall health.

The team here at Alternative Disc Therapy, led by Dr. Warren Bleiweiss, is on the leading edge of oxygen ozone therapy. Using this unique and effective approach to health, we not only help our patients overcome many of the typical problems that come with aging, but we can also ward off problems, thanks to the upstream anti-aging effects of oxygen ozone therapy.

Here’s a look at just a few of the many health-and-wellness benefits of oxygen ozone therapy.

How oxygen ozone therapy works

On the most basic level, oxygen ozone therapy is a mixture of ozone (O3) and oxygen (O2) that increases the levels of oxygen in your body. While this explanation may seem terribly simple, the role that oxygen plays in your body should not be underestimated.

Diving a little deeper, when we introduce oxygen ozone into your body, it elicits many responses, including:

As you can see by this list, most every area of your health stands to benefit from the introduction of oxygen ozone.

Where oxygen ozone therapy can improve your health

At our practice, we’ve been on the leading edge of solving some very difficult health issues using oxygen ozone therapy. 

As an example, our use of oxygen ozone in treatment-resistant herniated discs has helped scores of patients regain pain-free movement of their lower backs and prevent future problems. The therapy works by shrinking the portion of disc that has slipped out of position and reducing the inflammation. Not only does oxygen ozone therapy remedy the existing problem, it encourages better disc health thanks to its ability to activate cells to build stronger discs moving forward.

While we’ve had great success treating problematic discs, oxygen ozone therapy is a great weapon against many other pathologies. One report suggests the potential for oxygen ozone therapy in addressing these areas:

We also use oxygen ozone therapy as an upstream anti-aging tool. What we mean by “upstream” is our ability to head off the aging process before it begins, which is a far more effective approach to the problem. This preventive approach stops health issues and degenerative processes from developing in the first place, which allows you to maintain great health at any age.

Through oxygen ozone therapy, we’re able to boost your immune system, which is critical in protecting your body against viruses and disease, a benefit that's more important than ever these days. 

We can even use this therapy to address hair loss. When we inject oxygen ozone into your scalp, it fortifies and strengthens your hair follicles and increase vascularization in your scalp for better hair growth. This therapy not only prevents hair loss, it also improves your existing hair and scalp health by tackling problems such as dandruff or dry, brittle hair.

If you’d like to learn more about the many benefits of oxygen ozone therapy for your health and wellness, contact our office in Caldwell, New Jersey.

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