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Three Joint Issues That Oxygen Ozone Injection Therapy Helps Treat Effectively

It is difficult to list just three joint issues that oxygen ozone injection therapy treats with routine success, because I have successfully treated so many joint issues.  However, the following are examples of 3 joint conditions that respond very well to oxygen ozone injection therapy.

  1. Torn medial or lateral Meniscus of the knee 
  2. Torn Rotator Cuff of the Shoulder
  3. Osteoarthritis of the Hip or Knee Joints 

Oxygen ozone injection treatments work to significantly improve these conditions in essentially the same way as it works to treat herniated discs and chronic muscle pain conditions.

Oxygen ozone injection therapy has been used in Europe for over 70 years to treat a variety of painful conditions of the joints, discs and muscles.  The treatment is not only successful, but it is very safe.  This treatment harnesses the incredible healing powers of ozone, which is a supercharged form of oxygen.  By injecting medical oxygen ozone into various damaged or diseased structures such as joints, discs or muscles, remarkable healing is achievable.

I have treated many joint conditions over the last 8 years with oxygen ozone therapy and achieved incredible results.  Some of our patient’s have been enthusiastic about sharing their amazing healing stories on our website.   When my office gets calls from people seeking treatments for their joint pain conditions, my staff encourages them to read the stories of our patients who have been treated for joint issues.

Oxygen ozone injection therapy fits all of the criteria that I have for a safe and effective treatment protocol.  It not only helps heal the painful joint, disc or muscle condition, it is also very safe and has been demonstrated to be effective over many years.  Is also does not alter the anatomy of a joint and it can be repeated with additional beneficial effects.

Here are some of the mechanisms by which oxygen ozone injection therapy works to help with painful joint conditions heal:

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