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Upstream Anti-Aging – A Unique Approach to Anti-Aging Treatments

I approach anti-aging by treating the source of the problem at the cellular level. I call this an upstream anti-aging treatment because it is treating the cause of aging, not just treating the symptoms of aging. The treatments have been developed based on the world body of scientific knowledge of aging pathways, such as DNA telomere shortening, Sirtuin and mTOR pathways, to just name a few of the many aspects of aging that have been discovered.

Reducing the senescent “zombie” cell burden on our bodies is also a very important part of any anti-aging treatment, as I discussed in my podcast. The treatments that I use are designed to safely treat the cause of cellular aging, by in part, reducing the senescent “zombie” cell burden, increasing telomere lengths of some cells, activating cellular anti-aging pathways and reducing the activity of cellular aging pathways.

The treatments are also designed to help the cells of our body to maintain the ability to divide and form new cells. This is essential, so that cells that have died can be replaced by new cells. We are also one of a small percentage of practices in the country that offer VSEL treatments, which have powerful anti-aging abilities, including the capacity to increase telomere length. For a more detailed discussion of VSELs, please listen to my podcast about upstream anti-aging.

We are proud to provide these modern scientific, safe, upstream anti-aging treatments for our patients.

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