Why You Should Consider Oxygen Ozone Injection Therapy

Oxygen ozone injection therapy may not sound familiar, but it is a proven medical treatment that is frequently used in Europe and Asia and is beginning to gain ground here. Dr. Bleiweiss pioneered this ozone disc injection procedure in the United States over 10 years ago.  He continues to perform this procedure routinely to help patients who suffer from herniated discs and don’t want to go for conventional back surgery. Patients from all around the country and other North American countries come to his clinic for his expertise in effectively treating herniated discs and relieving their pain and stimulate recovery.

Ozone Injection Therapies for Herniated Discs

A herniated disc is one where the disc is pressing on the nerve after slipping for a number of reasons (degeneration, injury, wear and tear). Ozone injection therapy for the treatment of herniated discs works by shrinking the herniated portion of the disc that is pressing on a spinal nerve.  In this way, it can safely treat the pain that is caused by a disc herniation without any disruption to the disc or the disc height.

This treatment also has a number of positive effects that promote healing and improve the long term health of the disc:

All of these positive effects contribute to the long term health of the disc.

Other Uses for Oxygen Ozone Therapy

Oxygen ozone therapy isn’t just for herniated discs, however. Some of the other conditions that have been effectively treated by ozone injections include, but are not limited to:

To learn more about how oxygen-ozone injection therapy can help, or to find out more about the science behind it, contact Alternative Disc Therapy today to arrange an appointment.

To learn more about the research behind oxygen-ozone injection therapy, read some of the scientific research here!”

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