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Stem Cell Therapy

A True Medical Breakthrough

Human stem cells have the innate ability to help the body repair, restore and rejuvenate. Think of stem cells as your body’s “on-call first responders” on call as part your own emergency repair system. When triggered, the stem cells in your own body not only have the ability to migrate to distressed areas and repair damage, but are also capable of changing into multiple other cell types as needed such as cartilage, muscle, fibrous tissue or liver cells.
We all have a large reservoir of stem cells in areas such as bone marrow, fat and around blood vessels. When we are young, the stem cells in our body are plentiful and active. They can adequately take care of all of the repair needs that we encounter daily. As we age, our stem cell supply dwindles and some stem cells become less active or dormant. This happens surprisingly fast. By age 30, our stem cell reservoir is reduced by more than 50% and by age 60, it’s down to only 5%. That is one of the reasons why our body cannot repair damages well when we are older.

Regenerative medicine injection procedures help orchestrate repairs by signaling stem cells to rush to the site and join forces to help in the healing process. They also rejuvenate our own dormant stem cells and induce our own cells to divide into additional cells as needed. We can refer to these treatments as stem cell activating treatments. This is the reason why regenerative medicine treatments are so effective in restoring function and repairing damage to our body. This process makes stem cell activating treatments uniquely different from drug or hormonal interventions since it is solely based on our body’s innate ability to repair and regenerate.

A few typical examples of stem cell activating treatments include; treatments for joint arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, cognitive decline and memory loss (Read More) that often occur with aging. 



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